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Friday, January 23, 2009

OH What a day

T. Falco front Coconut Grove

T. Falco back Coconut Grove

"Pushing the Envelope" arrived from Portland Oregon, not what I expected and my mail man Harold Gray was a bit taken back, asked if it was my size. Not exactly!

B. Pober Miami

It's just been quite busy. We have an art opening tomorrow night.

Last minute changes to the e-mail invitations. Check, that every piece of art has it's tag. Wash the marble floor, vacuum the carpet area, pull out tables and still deal with the artist who want to be represented here.

"What kind of work do you show here?" yes, one of those came in today! I will touch on the subject of gallery representation next week when there is more time. But lets have a look what our mail men brought.


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