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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mail sputtering in without my regular mailman

You've got mail

Mermaid front Coconut Grove


Gloria Eeckart Plantation Fl.

Lisa Kundl Miami

Michel Le Sage front FRANCE

Well the mail is coming in spotty without my mailman Hugh.
Today Sayda Marrero brought in a lovely bunch, delivered with a smile that said it all.

There is much controversy
regarding the Coconut Grove 33133 Postal Service. They
refuse to hand chancel. So the local blog which, gets approx. 100 thousand hits a month, has taken up my cause. Oh you should see the indignities suffered by those who depend on the service.

more people sent out these types of mail we would have a happier postal system. I want to thank my S. Florida Calligraphy Guild for participating as you can see the wonderful usage of stamp within the art by Gloria Eckart.

Now those of you who do not know me Lisa K put me in the image. I have long red hair.
oh guild memb. what has your experience been in the last few mo. with your wedding invites?


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