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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Convergence Reception Windisch-Hunt Fine Art

Four bus loads of ISGB participants brought from the downtown Hyatt Hotel
it looked like a photographers convention. We still have catalogs for sale.
Special cases display the work to a high level of opulence.
Los Ranchos catered the affair
Uta wowed everyone with her mime welcome, changing the jewelry she wore, during the evening.
Another successful event. It was ISGB International Society of Glass Beadmakers' Traveling show CONVERGENCE which culminated in raising 14,000 for their society via their Auction. Here are some of the photos of the Reception and some of the work. Overheard "in the 14 years I've attended never saw beads look so high end." I guess location location has merit.
What was truly wonderful was the ladies who came for the show were themselves a show, they wore their jewelry which are reserved for special occasions and this was one such occasion, at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery, in Coconut Grove. As soon as I learn photoshop I will do a Bill Cunningham on this blog of what was worn this night.UTA
A big thank you goes to UTA for assisting in laying out the beautiful pieces for maximum impact.


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