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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The FIX was in

Shame on you Rene Morales of MOMA now Miami Art Museum.
From the grapevine and as time goes on it will be proven . FOUR artists, had the inside track to personal acquaintance to the jurors of this process. In other words They most likely did not sit in in 99 degree heat as a hopeful. ALL is a ruse! Not FAIR
I was not going to proceed with what happened inside as everyone was asked to sign a non disclosure agreement . But under the circumstances should we ask "Help me Howard" or "Mr. Al Sunshine " as to the legality of those papers under the circumstances. We all signed with intent to proceed honorably, but they have broken our trust. So I publish this photo!
(more on insider art stuff to come) If anyone who reads this can i.d. the others I will publish names and affiliations. Feel free to comment.


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