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Saturday, June 20, 2009

4th of July preparations

Love Levey did a some characters her mouse is on a turntable in the window right now.
My neighbor who did one that I will not include in the scavanger hunt, a mermaid
Here is artist Erika King who did "Moon over Miami" encouraged by Jerry Wade

We had friends come in to paint and neighbors, and some we didn't know
Coconut Grove is the place to be this July 4th with tons of activities for the whole family. There will be a whole day of food and music in the Grove, followed by fireworks at 9pm. Some July 4th activities include: a Hot Dog eating contest at CocoWalk, a picnic at The Barnacle, and Grove-wide Scavenger Hunt. Registration for the Scavenger Hunt will be at the Barnacle and the Bull at 2pm. The hunt will start at 3pm. There are tons of great prizes including the main prize for the Golden Coconut which will be a paid weekend hotel-stay in the Grove. Speaking of Coconuts the Windisch-Hunt Gallery has been transformed into a make shift studio to paint 300 coconuts. We have had out of towners come by, be surprised and participate.
The NET team (neighborhood enhancement team) was kind enough to provide 80 some from the area parks which had to be trimmed anyway. Grovites have been leaving boxes outside our door full of dried coconuts. We are under way. Our painting party went way into the night we finally called it quits at midnight.


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