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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jackson Pollock not exactly!

Fred, 81 gets up every morning to paint. This is the beginning of a new body of work. I find his work and diligence amazing. He is a true talent. Stay tuned to follow him periodically and see where these canvases will come alive. For 20 years he was the premier water color painter here, but as age does. He found it difficult to bend over (as you see here) daily to create those fabulous watercolors. Many can be seen by just googling his name.

A while back, opportunity came along that changed his body of work. He was commissioned to do a mural for the University of Miami and he discovered standing upright was comfortable and working on a rough wall was a challenge. His current work has layers of gesso mimmcking a rough wall, then he studies it till he finds what his muses dictate.
Jackson Pollock not exactly! this is Fred Hunt the Fred W. Hunt of Ringling School of Art 1952.


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