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Thursday, May 7, 2009

9 days to POW WOW visit

Technically the visitors for the POW WOW arrive in Miami on the 15th they will be bused in for a very special evening to Coconut Grove and Coral Gables on Monday May 18. They will each be given a voucher via credit card for $35 to spend as they wish in the Grove. Now that is appealing to all of our merchants. We are getting ready via painting coconuts as greetings that they can purchase and send back home as a memento of Coconut Grove. Not sure these people will know our history. Coconut Grove was here before Miami. We are the pioneer community that grew and grew and grew. Most of the historic elements of Miami are right here. and most of us are activists.

Today the first Thursday of the month is one meeting after another. Started early with Merchants meeting. There I had the pleasure of getting to know our new PostMaster (general )of Miami David Boardman, he heads up all 50 of our postal offices. Big Job. Nice guy. I had an altercation sometime back with our postal service here in Coconut Grove they refused to hand cancel my Inaugural post that I sent out around the world. I introduced him to our mail-art exhibit and the Coconuts that would soon be going though the mail.

Next meeting was the Woman's Club of Coconut Grove, once known as the Housekeepers Club right on the Bay of Biscay. Recently refurbished the exterior still has it's original Coral Stone. This was a delight as I had no idea how well informed my neighbor and friend Jerry Wade was about Orchids. The Woman's club was filled with all variety of orchids for our luncheon.
Jerry Wade Orchid expert holding up the rarest of the 30 thousand orchid species, the Ghost Orchid no, he has never seen it either. It was fascinating listening about the rare breeds that no longer inhabit some of our areas due to the population invasion. Florida alone is home to over 50 varieties. He pronounced the Latin names without hesitation to all the orchids on display.


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