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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dancing as fast as I can :)

Well the gallery is not ready for show time but so much has to be taken care of. Wouldn't you know it, the artists who need to pick up their artwork did not fill out the paper work all the way at the take-in process. This exasperates me, there are professional artist making a living at selling their art and those who are not dependent on those means. I'm sure you know which they belong to. The above newsletter ( click on it to enlargeand read) is a new component and time consuming. It was electronically sent to over 200 artists, created by our intern Brittany. I used this opportunity to introduce the blog. Please feel free to make inquires and comment on any issue that is important to you. You can remain anonymous.


Blogger Holland said...

I think the newsletter is a great help... it made me realise that this Saturday is the Cocowalk... and the POW-WOW is coming quickly..
A good reminder of what is on the agenda as well as a remnder how fast time flies.

5/2/09, 12:36 AM  

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