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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Intern Files: April 21st

"A career is born in public -- talent in privacy." - Marilyn Monroe

That is a true statement, and tonight to further implement the wise words of Monroe the Art Marketing seminar continues. The group is progressing greatly, sharing their ideas and goals for marketing their art work based on the book by Alyson Standfield "I'd rather be in the studio" .

Today I witnessed 3 artists being interviewed by AnnaMaria to see if they fit in with the Gallery, one was accepted, but great advice was given to them all. The only one that truly bothered me was one woman and her friend saying that AnnaMaria told her nothing useful in their entire 40 min talk, and yet what I heard was not only useful but important to know. I dislike the attitude that just because they didn't get into the gallery that doesn't mean she wasn't trying to help them and they made out like the whole interview was a waste of time. Do they not know how to take professional, and critical advice without being insulted? They're artists, as such you're bound to be insulted b/c someone out there won't like what you do but that shouldn't matter to you b/c it's your art.

I'll leave you with a quote by Ani Difranco from one of her songs called "Out of Habit":
"You know art is why I get up in the morning
But my definition ends there.
You know it doesn't seem fair
That I'm living for something I can't even define"

As I interviewed the next artist I was not privy to the exit comments. The fact that they speak
English poorly is a problem, however I felt we communicated. I recommended that they should or why hadn't they gone and looked at an area full of galleries specific to the Latin Market. The misunderstanding might have come from the fact I was interviewing one artist yet the other artist insisted at the end of the interview that I look at her only four images on her Ipod. I had two more artists waiting in the gallery. I refused and told her Tuesday is when I do portfolio reviews.


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