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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Belgium Performance Art Happening

Everyone should check out this great piece of performance art that happened in Belgium! We should do something similar in the Grove.

Today an artist swooped into the gallery and wanted to know if he could leave work here. He has his own gallery on South Beach but the traffic is no longer there. His name is Alexander Gore and is of Russian origin. He not only paints on canvas but Belgium linen. At the moment 3 of his pieces are going in our Gift Shop for a trial period.

 AnnaMaria and he have two things in common. They are both from another country (AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt is Hungarian), and they both bought their cars outright with money earned from their personal paintings. He is an artist with a very positive outlook on life, he said "I don't believe in failure, this or nothing else for me." I love the passion.

Today AnnaMaria sold one of her paintings as well as her mermaid Coconut. We are surrounded by coconuts in preparation for the International POW WOW which is an annual travel agents conference that is meeting in Miami this year. The connection between coconuts, ART and Coconut Grove will leave a strong impression on the minds of these travel agents.


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