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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Intern Files: A whole month!

First entry for the Anything and Everything Blue Show, hers came all the way from Ft. Lauderdale artist Danielle Perry.
(photo curtesy of the coconutgrovegrapevine)
Last entry arriving for the Show:
Dylan Terry (artist)

The Anything and Everything Blue show was a hit, more than 150 people came to the opening. We maintained a continuous flow of more than 30-40 people every half hour. The art was beautiful, and 5 sales were completed that evening.This was a call to artists, they came from all over from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West, and each artist had their own work on a personalized invitation. Also I am included in the shot, can you spot the intern? But this is just one picture of how things went that night. All the artists, except a few, were present and answered questions about their art. At the opening I learned from Maggie a great volunteer for the gallery how to do credit card sales, as well as regula sales! I also helped with hosting duties and hung out several times with Maggie and Uta, Uta is one of our artists here at the gallery.

This past month has been a huge learning experience, and despite having the flu this past month it has been going very well. Despite the long period and the absence of my writing on here it has been very fast paced at the Gallery which is very different from Wynwood (I remember how human traffic was non-existent at the other Gallery I worked in before here for a New York artist) . People are always milling about in the Grove viewing the art, the atmosphere here is one of real appreciation for art, it is a part of Grove life and the Grove's culture, the art scene of Miami actually started in the Grove many years ago before Art Basil, Art Miami, and Wynwood.

This past month has taught me how to do artist intakes, they seem very simple at first look, but the process is anything but simple, the gathering of artist information, contact numbers and other information that some left out make the process long and often confusing, which can lead to communication conflicts. Setting up the gallery took 3-4 days, of which I was mainly absent due to my previously mentioned illness, but it looks fantastic and everyone should come down and view it.


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