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Thursday, March 19, 2009

In the gallery now

Jane Krause feature artist at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery had a good crowd for her opening , this is one Janes Sculptures. It was a easy decision to have her exhibit here. She came in with one piece and I told her I would visit her at the studio, there I discovered that she had art work that supported the sculptures so we came up with a title together. "A study in Movement" and her show was on.
Serendipity struck a choreographer happen in, I just asked if he was up for doing such and such as he was looking for a gig. He said yes. it worked out very well. Brittany our wonderful new intern is also a computer wiz is putting a 2 min. video together so when she gets it done Everyone will see a part of this spectacular performance to the music of Igor Stravinsky. Stay tuned for her version of that night. Lot's of thing happened nothing like Sex in the City.
Ah "Breakfast with the Artists". We feature different artists all the time. This exhibit at Focaccia Rustica was Yana Bem, she is classically trained artist from Prague. She exhibited both tropical and circus images. On that note we decided to make it a themed breakfast "Tropical Circus". See more photos on the coconutgrovegrapevine they were enchanted with what we did and ran several photos. Circus was not in town.
AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt on the left, Uta stayed in character, Fred Hunt just turned 81 and loved it all and thats our friend Audrey Scott.


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