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Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a Village

We had a very clever one from our own Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce President Liliana Dones pointing to her work of art here, the smiles are the same.
Once upon a time when mail was still 13 cents she had an art project to do. The message starts "29 cents ago" .

I've said many times I only have artist friends.
I was surprised how many friends assisted in this project, and how many artists that participated, I knew personally. Here is Audrey Scott reaching where I could not, hanging some of the more unusual works submitted. It was only about envelopes, then one of the first arrivals was the RED Heel with the adornment of "Pushing the Envelope" and indeed it did. Since then many unique works of art have arrived, they all made it through the postal system.


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