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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Never fear Intern is HERE yeah!!

It's Brittany the intern here, just switching over from another gallery in the Art District of Wynwood to this one and the difference is staggering, but in a good way. This gallery is a faster paced place, in the comfortable and artistic local of the Grove.
Today started off well and for a brief summation of the first day here I worked on organizing the contact lists, dividing artists and patrons into separate lists for future mass mailings of event and activities. Then next I spent time thinking of other projects, including hoping to help with a video project of Fred Hunt's artistic career, by creating ideas for a companion book to chronicle his life as an artist through visuals.
Then next we had lunch and some lively conversation with a few other artists and guests here. Then I researched some information and history on Mail Art, of which we'll be having an opening for the Saturday after next. It turns out that there is a joke that the first piece of artistic mail occurred when Cleopatra wrapped herself into a carpet and had herself delivered to Caesar. Beyond that learning about how through drawings, photographs, and other mediums on postage cards, postage stamps and within the letters themselves that art and some typography have formed. the slants and cursive writings, illustrations, collages, and photographs are forms of expression for the writer, out of boredom, or artistry they tell us something about the individual that sent them.
After that I entered more addresses into the online guest book and had coffee, ahh the joys of coffee never disappoint, and of course fielding phone calls from those wanting more information about the Gallery as well. All in all a busy but fun day.


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