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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Breakfast with the Artist

Linda Apriletti

 All Artists   I'm the one in the middle. 
This is a program I initiated out of necessity.  Miami as most everyone knows is the new New York supposedly.  Everyone in this country  does some sort of ART WALK , many overlapping each other and jockeying to be seen by the same art patron.  Lets not forget ArtBasel/Miami.  So what does the artist do in this type of comunnity? Create a new venue that works, of course.  "Breakfast with the Artist"  at Focaccia a lovely French bistro right in our own neighborhood with a good clientele.  It works,  the place is intimate and allows a sober one on one contact with admirers be they clients or fellow artists. All over a civilized cup of coffee and baguette with eggs.  Here is a photo of my breakfast with friends and neighbors and Linda Aprilettti the current artist being shown. 


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