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Friday, March 6, 2009

Intern Files: End of second week!

Tomorrow night is the Opening and we are almost all set for it, just a few more things to polish up.

Today was hectic, and I just had to pick today to oversleep luckily it was ok, then I got to sit in on a meeting for a free 9 weeks course helping artists promote themselves, which is a valuable thing b/c most of us don't know how or where to begin. We were never taught that in school, which one would think we would've been taught that, and so far the dates have been set up for April for Tues and Saturdays but that is tentative so look out for more information later this month.

photo curtesy of
Fun pop culture references make a Gallery worker/owner seem effortless, I touched on this yesterday but now I'll expand. AnnaMaria talked about how a lot of movie villains have the job of art curator or gallery owner, which is interesting, making it seem that they have a lot of time for their criminal activities. Yet it is harder than it looks, and AnnaMaria hasn't even seen Sex and the City but the character Charlotte runs a Gallery (and fits this Hollywood image of the non-working occupation) and her main occupation it seems is that no one runs out of wine/champagne during an opening. This is one of many cliches in Hollywood, artists and those that run the shops have to meet certain stereotypes or else it wouldn't be true escapism. :)

We had two absurdities today, one I won't remark on b/c it's not humorous, but the earlier one I will say that if an artist wants to promote themselves they should never just walk into a Gallery, harass the artist, and then turn to the Gallery owner at her desk and computer and ask her to go to a website to look at work. Then after being told of the time and procedures to do this properly he stil insisted to have his work seen just then but finally left. He left a bad impression on me, and an even worse one on AnnaMaria the Gallery owner. What would possess a person to act in such a way? Other activities of the day included making signs for the Grover Art Stroll, printing and cutting labels for the art, utilizing keys, and taking pictures.
Almost time to go home, tomorrow is going to be fun and it's also Fred's birthday! See you here.


Anonymous Debra Cortese said...

here's the introductory info on the Free Art Marketing Salons:

3/15/09, 3:39 PM  

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