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Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 2 of the Intern Files

Hello again, today was my second day of interning at the W-H Gallery and today I was allowed to rearrange one area of the gallery by myself, I'm not entirely sure I like it yet, but I will adjust it later. I also discovered that I prefer the silver metal hangers to the black ones, based on the way they hang. How the works hang and how they are positioned is very important, the eye has to be drawn to them and one side has to complement the other.
You quickly learn that all sorts of interesting characters will wander into the gallery, asking questions about where to find faux coral framing. Such things are the happening of randomness that occur here, but random is good, stillness isn't something I covet.
Before that AnnaMaria and I measured out spaces for a new artist's work that will be presented soon, we'll be moving that into the Gallery on Sunday. We are also creating a Florida section near the front of the gallery. Then we completed the press releases and sent out an Open call to artists, there are two upcoming events and advertising for both of them on one advert.
In the coming days the gallery's layout will have dramatic changes and shifts to accomodate the new work and to circulate some of the older pieces.
More next time.....


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