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Thursday, March 5, 2009

More from the Intern

Ok, I haven't blogged in a couple of days but that's ok we've been really busy fixing up the gallery and rearranging everything for the big Opening on Saturday night of Jane Krause's "A Study in Movement" with a special performance by Vincent.
I even got to do a few areas of the gallery myself, which is interesting to do and a lot harder than it looks. As AnnaMaria said most people think the art gallery is an easy-ish job, the art magically going into the right spot with the light perfectly hitting it and it's effortless. That isn't exactly how it works. Sometimes there are difficult pieces that must be moved around many times before they fit right, even then sometimes the way they fit isn't as good as it could be.

Every Tuesday AnnaMaria has an open day where she views the works of other artists she might be interested in, a very talented man came into the Gallery, however I didn't think it was the most professional meeting (I know I'm one to talk I just walked in one day without a resume, just browsing about and then overheard AnnaMaria say she needed an intern and I mosied over to volunteer, yes right place right time). First the man only brought a few pieces with him, and on paper that wouldn't last the test of time. There's some leeway for not being in the profession for very long, he's only just started drawing 3 years ago. However, after three years there should have been more work, on different paper, and with a wider range of subjects, the man is clearly talented but he hasn't branched out to even live subjects yet. But perhaps after more exposure and him attending the Artist's Walk then he'll get a client base b/c he also said he likes to do soap sculptures.

To switch topics so fast now that you'll feel whiplash I helped clean the gallery the last few days too, the back section is better organized now. And note to myself remind Fred to staple in the end of a corner before the opening. Then AnnaMaria and I designed/ordered signs to be done for the shows, especially the Florida Collection at the front of the Gallery. We often take breaks as well to enjoy lunch, coffee and tea, coffee is the greatest invention ever and I enjoy it. Today I made chocolate coffee with a hint of orange.
I've also been taking lists of things we do each day or talk about for a future to do list and the list piles up, slowly but surely we're moving through it.

I almost made my first sale the other day, and the woman is coming back (or so she says) to the opening to further think about it, she kept going back to it and as they say (the proverbial they) if you can't stop looking at it, if you keep coming back to it then you should probably get it.

Also special personal note, shoe shopping isn't my favorite thing but it was necessary as I have a dress for the opening, but then I realized that I was without the right shoes to compliment it, thus the Shoe Store came in handy yesterday! Coconut Grove is the perfect place to live, everything that's needed within a half mile from my home! And credits for school to boot!

More later, I'm having trouble remembering everything that's gone on the last few days, maybe coffee will jog my memory?


Blogger oneearsociety said...

Oh yes, I will edit this as soon as I'm able to really log in and do it. For some reason it only works from one computer.

I will say though that there is so much more to tell and the vast differences between this and fashion photography is pretty wild, but fun.
And in the future I'll be color coding my posts too so you can tell which one is me (Brittany) and which one is AnnaMaria. :)

3/6/09, 12:05 AM  

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