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Friday, February 27, 2009

Where have I been?

It was noted that I had not posted since Feb. 10th. That was days before the big Coconut Grove Art Festival hit town. We still had as many visitors as ever even though they now charged $7 at the gate. Unfortunately the artists did not fare as well. We on the other hand had lot and lots of browsers. We were still installing as people watched. I will show those photos later. Right now for those who took note here are some things that I did. I carry my camera at all times an old habit from a photographer/artist. I took a bit of time out to have tea and scones at the St. Stephens Art Festival which is adjacent to the major event. It's been a nine year tradition for me. I just adore the English ladies that come and do this once a year. Below here is my husbands version of our Mermaid Cottage.
16 x 20 oil painting by Fred Hunt

Here is our next Breakfast with Artist it is Yana Bem from Prague she is represented by the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery. Actually had two days without art on these walls. Embarrassing but last artist needed her work, so what can one do?
the very following weekend we hosted the Art of Living seminar in our gallery. This was a workshop done all over the country. We were happy to have the good energy in our space.
This was my Inauguration mail going out on Election Day. There were so many images of Obama in all the papers that they lent themselves to this art form perfectly. I lined the newspapers and painted some and held a class on mail art so that lots of these went around the country and out to friends in different lands. These stamps I had saved for quite a while, perfect for this very special day. When I got to the Post Office, they no longer hand canceled. Well I'm still upset about that but I hope if you recognize your name here that you did indeed get the mail meant for you.
by the way. The Mail art has been extended due to the wonderful response. So it will stay up through April. We will have a special Reception for the artists very soon.


Blogger Diane W.Kaufman said...

i have 35 little mermaid cottages and I'd love you all to come and paint them all!!! What fun!

2/28/09, 7:39 AM  

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