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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mail Art with Anecdote

Audrey Scott Coconut Grove
This plexi was a challenge to photograph but this lovely little French Madamoiselle by the name of Noelie happen in and was kind enough to hold it so that we could see it's transparency. The inspiration for this work came from Louis Comfort Tiffany stamps. Audrey recreated the stamp image on plexi in instead of glass and used the stamps on both sides. She even drilled a small hole on one edge so it could be displayed. Thank you Audrey
This Artist is Alicia Bruner:) Orlando Fl. She happen into the gallery one weekend with her parents she loves art and galleries. I explained the nature of this exhibit and said that if she would like to mail something in that I would definitely hang it, it is now part of our exhibit here. We have been told that a class of Montesori students will also be submitting and hope to make the deadline. We know how Alicia feels about our environment. She along with many of our other artists have expressed their political views.
Monique Lassooij aka Holland now Miami


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