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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mail-Art to Travel north

Amanda Miami

Seth Elwonger Lakewood Co.

Joachim Bucholz Germany (front)
Joachim Bucholz Germany (backside detail)
The Press Release mailed to Florida Newspapers NOT in ordinary envelopes!
The Windisch-Hunt Gallery of 2911 Grand Avenue proudly presents an exhibition of Mail - Art.

The reception is from 2-4pm on Saturday the 26th of April. The show will run until May 23rd afterwards it will travel to Andrew's Art Museum in North Carolina.

The art of correspondence has a long history, some say it began when Cleopatra delivered herself in a rug to Caesar, gods are dedicated to the delivery of mail. Mail art, as all forms of art, has been instrumental in furthering political and social causes such as fair trade, revolutions, and Abolition and beyond with realistic, comic or satiric flair.
This exhibition showcases the thoughts and imaginations of artists all over the world, giving us perspectives on life, art, politics and society that are unexpected, candid, and some intellectually provocative.
There are pieces from Seattle that show a bold commentary on the state of the economy, the President and the banks of America that seek reprieve from their own financial crisis to vivid illustrations of fantasy from Germany. A beautiful red shoe arrived pushing the envelope. An entry by Lilliana Dones who is current Grove Chamber President, submitted a work she created 30 some years ago titled "29 cents Later." Another young artist with a different aesthetic is Marlene Perez who did delicate ink drawings on her watercolored envelope.. Most of the work, however, comes from mature artists. Frequent winner of the Graceful Envelope Contest sponsored by the National Letter Carriers Assoc. is Gloria Eckart calligrapher created her envelope around a postage stamp.

For more information please contact:
AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt

If you would like to submit your own Mail Art to the gallery for the exhibition
please mail to: Windisch-Hunt Fine Art 2911 Grand Avenue, Coconut Grove, 33133.

Pali Csaba Budapest Hungry
Keith Buchholz St. Louis Mo.

Peter Netmail England

Debra Cortese Miami

Michel Yernaux from Belgium
Tuesday Evening at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery Coconut Grove

L to R Adriana Dominguez, Jerry Wade, Monique Lassodij and EllenWellens
came early and gotthe nuances of what is FACE book. It was our goal to learn to use this social media. As it happened it was mentioned in the news almost daily this past week. We are right on the learning curve with the nation.
Debra Cortese our workshop leader (center)with eager participants


Blogger waywithwords said...

Such a beautiful blog and fantastic art. I am just learning to sketch at my time of life in my sixties and my aim is to be able to do this kind of postcard art my friend. smiles. Would love a postcard to me in England from you with your great artistic touch if you would not mind. In return I would do the same even though only learning. HUGSxxxAnne
Anne Freeman, 134, Powell Avenue, Marton, Blackpool. England. FY4 3HH

4/21/09, 8:18 AM  

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