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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Intern Files: April 16th

I got back unexpectedly b/c of a photo gig I have tomorrow morning, and couldn't stay away, I'm not one for idleness. I popped in today at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery and had some coffee with AnnaMaria and Fred Hunt. Then we got down to business and sent out invites to the Breakfast with the Artist. The gallery has been very busy today, lots of guests, and one artist brought her family in to view her work. It was nice to get a face with one of my favorite paintings in the Gallery called "Bone Fishing." She didn't appear to be an artist at first, when she and her husband walked in I thought she was a socialite come to buy a painting.
AnnaMaria asks me each time she sees me "Where is your sketchbook" as I have yet to show her one, it's not that I'm overly shy it's that my memory fails me on many occasions (I wish I could claim jetlag but I can't). Right now my endeavors outside the gallery are photography, mainly fashion photography but I have done some travel photography that was published in a European coffee table book called European Journeys. AnnaMaria had me address copyright issues on photography today, it is imperative that as artists we respect each others work and right to that creative property no matter how insignificant it may seem. It's very disrespectful to each other as artist's if we cannot even trust that our intellectual/creative property will be called our own.
On a personal note Fred surprised AnnaMaria and I with milkshakes from Johnny Rockets, very tasty, they're right across the street from us if you're feeling peckish.


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