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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mail Art Reception: You're Invited

This is an open invitation to all the participating Mail Artists, philophiles, our wonderful mail carriers, and the community.


Anonymous Rüdiger Abshalom Dalit Westphal said...

To whom it concerns!
This envelope you also send by e-mail
does not give a proper name of a person to address to. Theaddress doesn't indicate the country from where it is posted. Fl could mean the state of Florida. The stamp seems to be a french one. What means the abreviation "RSVP"? Did you do this on purpous to confuse the recever of your message.
Nevertheless I do like your page, as far as I understand it. The people look normal, almost bougeois in a positiv sense.
It seems to me I can't come to your reception. That's a shame. When you'll come to Europe please visit me nearby Cologne. I'll be your host (go to "Couchsurfing"if you want to know more about me)
Rüdiger A. Westphal
Viktoria - 2
53879 Euskirchen
Federal Republic of Germany
all the best to all of you
Rüdiger Abshalom Dalit Westphal

4/21/09, 8:46 AM  
Blogger Rüdiger Abshalom Dalit said...

Have found now on the evelope of the mailart of Joachim Buchholz your full address, but still without the name of a person behind this activity. I like to communicate with people. I met Buchholz in Person and stood in front of his house in "eastern Germany" when he lived in Annaberg. further greetings RADW

4/21/09, 8:58 AM  

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