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Saturday, April 25, 2009

OES Czech Republic's

One Ear Society logo created by the same artists who did the little Debbie image of the Little Debbie Snackcake: the One and only Fred W. Hunt
Fred was one of the original Coconut Grove members his now wife (moi) AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt was founder and director for its first 7 years. Fred holds the copyrights for this image. The original members all got t-shirts with membership, which will soon be reprinted for facebook members upon request.

Today's arrival came from our satellite One Ear Society artists in the Czech Republic. They are just forming their group. Thank You Yana Bem. Our Sarasota group via Jackie Vizzi is making it's appearance on facebook, which will limit participation to artists and art lovers. No you do not have to be one of the over 350 original members, it is open to all artists. I mentioned the One Ear Society in our very first introduction of our blog and how we have evolved.
The book about the 7 years of the O E S is incubating. A tell all tale!

Greetings from Italy


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