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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Dutch Queen's Birthday almost

We were honored to have our very first arrivals Theresa and Paul Naron try out our pink lemonade they came out for Bike Miami, then both tried my Trikke .
Sabrina and her mother enjoying our Mail-Art

Music filled the streets of Coconut Grove from the band at CocoWalk to the drum circle in front of The Bookstore in the Grove. Here is Artist Sheri Friedman of the Blue Moon Studio artists Mano trying out my Trikke which proved to be very ticky

Here is the blog star of Coconut Grove with his entourage all in style with the orange theme. See more images of this great day at.
Today was a surprise. We had planned to participate with Bike Miami, however watching the four channels on TV this morning gave no indication of the sight that greeted me. Totally unexpected. 2 thousand bikers all wearing orange riding past our gallery. This celebration Bike Miami was coordinated to celebrate Hollands Queen Mother Juliana's birthday on April 30th. The present queen also celebrates her birthday on this day in honor of her mother. In Holland it is a custom to wear orange and drink orange liqueur.
We offered Pink Lemonade. Next year we will serve orange juice, Floridas favorite beverage.
photos by AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt, Tom Falco and Harry Emilio Gottlieb.


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