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Thursday, May 7, 2009

count down

Tuesday our artsbiz group had a lengthy mtg., on our agenda, the forth coming exhibition "Summer Salon" for June at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery . Everyone seemed agreeable and Cuquie will be our curator along with two judges selected from the house artists. It is an inclusive show. We discussed who our respective patrons are, what specific items sold and nich marketing.
In conversation a mentioned was made about artists using the gallery as a showroom. This happens when an artist sends in a patron or other art rep, then purchase iscompleted by the artist out of his studio, in other words artist likes to be seen in certain spaces then takes work out, leaving the gallery high and dry. This happened here when a South American galleriest was looking for art their adviser selected work off our walls and the artist came up a few days later needing those particular works.
We all know this is bad form, the economy is down and we all need to survive.
I would like more input from the readers.
Flip Flop painting with mermaid signature
Enough of this i need to spend time in the studio, now there is a concept!
My best seller are my ten by ten inch flip flops, they are all original one of a kind works of art and they can be found in some of the finest bathrooms up north :) however down here in Florida they are used as thank you gifts for hostesses, art for childrens rooms and any beach setting. I've done small versions for wedding parties also. A major convention is coming to Miami in less than ten days and hopefully a % of participants will see them at gift shops and here at the gallery. I don't have enough 10 x 10 flip flop paintings what, with concentrating on painting coconuts for the same crowd.
Most of my nich is the tourist market, 5,000 travel agents, writers are descending on us in less than 10 days time and I would indeed rather be in the studio. Thanks to the Artsbiz marketing group, it made me aware that I have something to sell and a time line to meet the demand.
Get with it!
A very lovely gesture today was hearing my gallery's name and address on the radio via Sheri Freedman's interview on the radio. She mentioned she had two works of art hanging here at the Windisch-Hunt fine art gallery in Coconut Grove. Now that was way to cool as it was so unexpected. Thanks so much Sheri. Her photo appeared on this blog about a week ago. Scroll down and see her drum. "Sea of Possibilities"
With permission I put her painting here. You can see the resemblance to Sheri .


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