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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Can you feel the budgets shrinking?

We have our 1st Sat. of May art stroll this evening. Still the work is never done. Had to double check that each of the works of art had correct tags that the artists who wanted to make adjustments did and one of the last pick ups was done moments ago, still waiting for one more and I'm less than 5 hours from opening. I could not have done it alone. To change the gallery out takes several days. Pictured above are my intern who is scheduled for two days per week and I just found out I will be losing her and Audrey Scott who is a angel in disguise, making the phone calls to artists and in a very polite way telling them they will have to pay $5 per day storage fee. It's not really about storage it's about the paintings being in the way of seeing the new show come together and having to move paintings around cleaning supplies etc. etc. etc.
case in point I cannot hang my show window nor clean wash the floor there because the work featured in the window is far to heavy and the damage could be monumental. So five hours away and my front window is still not done.
Sales have been slow to zero and the news from the capital is not good. Up to two days ago the legislature had a zero budget for art funding which at the last moment they funded cultural institutions very modestly.


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