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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Intern Files: Art Stroll May 2nd!

On a personal note my horse pick for the Derby pulled out of the race and therefore my last min pick didn't win, as a Kentuckian it gets me every time the Louisville U band plays "My Old Kentucky Home."

This week has been extremely hectic, we had one week to put up a new show and from previous entries you can tell that we've had a lot of work to do. We've cleaned the gallery and set up the new show, fielded more calls, emails, and long visits from artists that want to be in the gallery. One artist only worked with toothpicks and nails to paint. He picked the wrong week to monopolize our time, and besides it looked so gimmicky that we wouldn't want it in the gallery. I'm only ever scheduled for two days a week, but I often end up here when I'm not doing my other job which is photography. As AnnaMaria blogged I will be going away, out of state to be an assistant in another Gallery and get my Masters of Fine Arts there.Mike Elder, Debra Cortese, AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt, visiting with pop artist Ed King at his opening, pool side of the Mutiny Hotel. It's hard for AnnaMaria to get away especially on a reception night but as I'm here I covered the gallery so she can show her support.


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