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Saturday, May 2, 2009

a thousand words saved

Count down to Eleven p.m. last call and last photo of the artists who gravitated to our gallery.
Artists Audrey Scott, Fred Hunt, Uta, AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt, Debra Cortese, Debra Starbuck with her two toy boys.
Here a visitors with a special eye for detail is artist Valentina Ramos. This is the work of art that was mentioned on the Coconut Grove grapvine blog and so she came to see.
It's not Saturday Night in Coconut Grove unless you have a sighting of our hare hare Krishnas.
They come in and bless our space. They maintain a bit of our local color.
Coconut Grove on the weekends always attracts young couples, out for dinner, a stroll and a stop at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery.
I'm always pleased when I see young people in the gallery. They would normally never enter the hallowed halls of a museum. We are part of the neighborhood and accessible. They get the exposure you can't force them to enjoy, here a curiosity is satisfied.

A photo of myself through the looking glass.
Coconut Grove is the kind of place where you find boaters and tourists from the surrounding 4 star hotels, all in the same place along with neighbors. All equally comfortable. A successful Art Walk.
Artist Johanna visiting from Krakow with Yaro one of our gallery artists meeting up with Debra Cortese who leads the ARTbiz workshop.


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