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Saturday, May 30, 2009

the End

The pleasure was all mine. Here is Arva More Parks, Show Tell and Sell The latest Miami History. "Miami the Magic City" it changes quickly like magic. A worthwhile evening at The Bookstore in the Grove. An independent book seller.
Toward the end of the month the gallery becomes a much needed work space.

Last Pow Wow photo? Thank you from the GMCVB was held for us at the Hard Rock Cafe. Another one is in the works for just the Coconut Grove volunteers from the BID.

Happy B-day to all Gemini friends, we will celebrate together in our gallery next Saturday. Bring a bottle of wine RSVP and we will make sure there is enough cake. Bring with you your alter ego. your id and you and any air signs friends you have and those should be many.

Many things are coming to an end. My intern is gone and that is one end. Pow Wow is done for another 10 years, another end. Today the month is at an end. This leaves open vast possibilities for the upcoming month, however we don't want to end it to soon it's only six p.m. six more hours. For today and this month this is
The End



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