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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pow WOW photos

Stunning seeing everyone in WHITE at the SoBE White Party
The sign said "ASK ME"
From the Jazz stage
I love Miami 365 a clever project executed by Alissia with her subject, from one page, out of one day in Miami, a forthcoming book.
How could not resist a VanGogh
Definitely the VIP's and underwriters of this event.
Miami's Ambassador Plenipotentiary the Honorable George Neary with Miami Beach Mayor Mattie Bower and ( as soon as we identify this lovely woman in black we will edit this blog)

Taking refuge in our gallery during the Deluge of the DineARound evening Channel 6 camera crew. Can you see the watermarks on those blue jeans, check out the shirt too. This was to be the evening that Coconut Grove was to shine.
One of our artists from the Grove, Pauline Goldsmith also at the special Adrian Arscht Closing event for PowWow A fine showing of our artists who were entertainment and behind the scenes.


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