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Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Opening

We celebrated once more this time in tandem with out neighbor Leonard King. We at the Windisch-Hunt gallery did our mitzvah, The Summer Salon group learned their social media and each and everyone of them did tweeter, facebook, and sent out personal invitations, the results was phenomenal. We at W-H sent out 1,000 e mail invites and held back with the other 3,000 to announce Leonardo King's opening along with ours. WE each had music and people were able to go from one to the other gallery.
Galleriest AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt, Deborah Weed, Lynda LaRocca, Lynda Wellens, Rosie Brown, Monique Lassooij, Trina Collins, our resident poet Jerry Wade and Valentina Ramos
This photos was the 20th or so we were playing ten little Indians in reverse. We were not sure who would show and as we all drifted in we had to reshoot to be inclusive, Jonathan Rose showed up but by that time some of us had drifted away. Mano who's painting we are standing in front of is already on the road (good luck) heading N. for art shows. Debra Cortese was so instrumental in the Summer Salon that it will take her some time to recover, she did so much coordinating of all our group.
We had such a massive turn out Sat. night that I was overwhelmed and we went through 3 cases of wine and who knows how much food. I personally do not like or want any food for an Art Opening. We are fortunate that there are so many musicians in Miami that periodically they come to us just to have a space to practice and play. percussion Marco Haber and guitar is Dorian Avila
The crowds were 3 deep Saturday night, well over 400 people were in attendance. 500 5oz cups of wine were consumed. The clean up took two days. Then we got ready to take on another opening Thursday in tandem with one of our original Coconut Grove Artists Leonard King.
Leonard King Barry Massin and Fred Hunt
Leonard King got his inspiration for his kinetic art while walking by windows in downtown Miami, he noticed the way shapes changed as he walked by the reflections. I've known him many many years, so I was delighted to see him open up his gallery just 2 doors away from the Windisch-Hunt Gallery. He and Fred Hunt were showcased last year together, at Macy's Miami Beach. That was one of the best way forLeonardos art to be viewed and I wish I had known that my camera took video. He was set up downstairs in the men's department right at the bottom of the down escalator and this was how his work should have been viewed.

As one slowly glides down on the escalator, his kinetic art moves and undulates. It was awesome. The only other space I know that could do him justice would be an airport escalator which transports people , at the end of the ride would greet arriving passengers, and no two persons would see the exact same image. Leonardo came over at the end of the evening to thank me. Dan Littlejohn captured this gracious moment.


Anonymous Debra said...

I definitely missed another great event in the Grove. Feeling much better and plan to stop by this week!

6/15/09, 11:02 AM  

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