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Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1, 2009

Stay for the ride, this is going to be some month in the gallery. It has started. Here are some of the participants. Alexander Michaels publisher of MODE Lifestyle magazine. Myself with out of the box new work of art, inspired by my two summers in Woodstock (not going this year) but I know it's the 40th anniversary. Debra Cortese the facilitator of the I'd Rather be in the Studio marketing workshop and Frank Capella VP of MODE. If he looks familiar he also has been in tv
like CSI Miami thats just one show.

The end of the month is stressful especially asthe rainy season is upon us. Making change out becomes difficult.This is what it looks like at change out when the last months art is still on the walls and the new needs to find it't rightful spot.


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