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Sunday, June 14, 2009

How to be seen by a gallery

This is not the first time I have touched on this topic and most likely not the last. When you walk into the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery your wowed by the space and you say to yourself this is the gallery for me. REALLY!
I do believe I can write one whole book on the various approaches by artists. They come in and haven't even walked around the gallery but ask,
"How can I get into this gallery"
"Pardon me Do I know you?"
I truly sympathize with artists, my husband is an artist, I'm an artist.
I've paid my dues. created, ran a 'not for profit' art group for 7 long years, the sole purpose was to help artists.
My husband paid his dues by working on the streets selling his art, he made great sacrifices in his life. I do give you credit that you have the gumption to cold call. I also wish to be seen in other galleries.
When approached in another gallery looking at art, I always identify myself as an artist.
This opens conversation and allows for further comment. If they don't, then is not the time.

This week two variation: One young man who I felt deserved a return e mail. Why waste his time in hopes that will not be fulfilled. He came in with his dad and informed me he was an artist and "how do I get in here". I explained that we have portfolio review Tuesdays, your welcome to walk in. I need one original work of art, a CV, collaborative material /portfolio.
I also prefer the artist to live within 60 mile area. He prided himself that he has painted all his life with out instruction. The e mail images showed me absolutely nothing that resembles the work we have in our gallery.
Did I mentioned he was young, I e mailed him back. Yesterday his father came, I do believe he thought he had a genius on his hands. I looked up the e mail I had sent the son and read it aloud to him then suggested he might try Wynnwood where lots and lots of galleries are and carry edgy work. I stressed that for our gallery we value art education and workshops. He on the other hand prided himself that he didn't have any of those, it showed. I explained that life happens to the young and when he gets married, becomes a father he will drop art . Then what with to the clients investment in the young genius. We value our clients. I express my philosophy regarding art and my artists passion.
Now he want to know where Wynnwood is (is this for real?) then wants names of galleries and directions. I did give him general directions.
The other was a mature woman with a baby carriage obviously, grandchild. She's from NY and she has been in this and that show and proceeds to describe her work and how well her work sells. That's something I do want to hear as I have utilities and overhead and right now it's 90 degrees in the shade and i'm in 8 thousand sq. feet space. However, she has nothing with her she is from NY. She spots my computer and says " OH oh I have my xnnnx with me" and I can show you. I hold up my hand Tuesday is when I look at artists. The one that gets me most is the I pod phones I have my images here just look, then they search. I don't want to look, this is not Tuesday. If it's not Tuesday I'm not looking. I'm actually trying to run a gallery and sell the work of the artists already in here.
Again I look at portfolios on Tuesday etc. etc. etc. and I love looking at sketch books. (that for the insider who read this blog.)


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