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Saturday, June 13, 2009

We try to help .... would we do it again???

Things have a way of saying take care of me first. We offered to assist a friend with moving art. This is a one of the burdens of being an artist. You paint to the size that accommodates your car/Van or you put yourself at the mercy of someones schedule. We were asked and acquiesced immediately. However the best laid don't always work out. I had the annual Chamber of C luncheon to attend and meanwhile we waited for the phone call to let us know that we would meet at Miami Beach's Botanical Gardens to collect her art from "Divine Debris to Glorious Trash" show.. We didn't hear so I called the Gardens to ask when the work had to be removed "in less than an hour" we were told there was a performance scheduled at 4 p.m. This was at This is Uta at opening of Divine Debris to Glorious Treasures
2:45 p.m. We are half hour distance. They had not heard from the artist and were concerned themselves, she was the last. Fred Hunt to the rescue of her art with or with out her. As it turned out she found another vehicle and did not need us. She did finally call I guess when she arrived they told her, but he was underway. As the screw turns, the other vehicle could not accommodate her large pc.. So the drive to the beach was not a wasted.


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