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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Open Call Mermaids Mermaids Mermaids

Mona my longtime mermaid swimming friend.
Mermaid and more mermaids this is going to be a fun summer show the business end is sales. Many years ago I did the first Mermaid show on Miami Beach and appropriately it was at the Mermaid Inn on 9th and Collins Ave. The results were amazing, such diversity of mediums. Many of the images we had come to know appeared here, we got to meet the artists who made them.
Now we will have one in our working gallery. The specs are easy. We would like them be for sale.
Open Call fine artists, crafters and imaginative creative individuals are invited to submit.
Mermaids Serenas water sprites Mami Wata
No Jury, all submissions will be accepted. From Sat. June 27 till June 30th.
submission fee is $15 per entree, should be for sale, if not add $10. We encourage creativity converted dolls into mermaids are encouraged for the installation. All media accepted.
Our reception will be July 5, 4 to 7p.m Sunday
Appropriate dress come as a MERMAID


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