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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Open Call Mermaids Serenas water sprites MamiWata

Mermaids are beautiful and seductive, Water sprite or Mami Wata Serena is celebrated around the world the Caribbean, Brazil and the United States. Windisch-Hunt Fine Artcelebrates with an exhibition which will include a broad range of arts. from masks and figures to ensembles to paintings, sculptures and installations by our contemporary artists.
A range of free activities will complement the exhibition for children that weekend at Mayfair in the Grove. All relating to mermaids, fish and other sea creatures.
This is a natural show for us. It is summer, we see the Atlantic ocean daily on our drives. The romance of the mermaid is in us all. Have a peak at the March of the Mermaids
During our reception we will also name one costumed mermaid as Queen of the Mermaids and hope to start a tradition on Biscayne Bay. And she will have the privileged of leading us in the King Mango Strut Parade.
This is an open call to all artists. No Jury, all submissions will be accepted. Converted dolls into mermaids $10 submission fee and $15 per painting. Should be for sale if not add $5


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