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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Postman Rings Twice despite Murphy's Law

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow (?) will keep the postman away.
Packages arrived via US mail, UPS, Fed Ex and more to come for the upcoming Muy Caliente Jewelry Show. My day started at the Post Office with "I don't know, we have nothing for you." All before my first 9 am meeting downtown, so I had to trust the Universe and let go. Nothing I could do. So low and behold, with the deluge of rain, the packages starting arriving via UPS, FedEx twice, and the postman three times! And I guess I have a show.
As an example, on my day off, I went north to the Boca Art Museum, to see the current All Florida exhibition. They were locked up tight, I forgot, it's musicians day off. So I thought, not all is lost, I can at least see the Boca Artist's Guild work at 440 etc, etc. according to the beautiful sign in the museum window. I had a fair idea of their location, I found 440 but it was now a men's haberdashery. The lady next door informed me that the Guild had moved across the way. I followed her instructions and after asking the third storefront, no one had any idea where they were located, so I gave up. These things happen. It was a lousy day anyway, rain all day and again, I started at the post office with negative vibrations. To top that off, it's raining again and the artists are hesitant to carry in the new work for the Mermaid Show. And, I don't blame them a bit! So, if you're reading this, take your time and hurry every chance you get. The opening is still on target for Sunday, July 5th at 4pm. Let's get out of these rainy doldrum and have a fantastic Mermaid happening. Wear your favorite Mermaid outfit. The last time I promoted this show was 17 years ago on Miami Beach at the Mermaid Inn.
Now we have a proper venue.

Jane Tinney, keeping a smile and arranging her Mermaid art.


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