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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Are we there yet?

Well, we have not reached our goal of 300 painted coconuts as yet! However this has turned out to be a very good, get to know your local community. We are working with the Merchants of Coconut Grove. The painted coconuts are for our July 4th scavenger hunt. As many places have had an economic turn down, we are no different. We also need to bring back the public into our mom and pop establishments rather than have them flee to the malls. The scavenger hunt once done in the park will now be held in the center of Coconut Grove. Each painted coconut is numbered and select ones will have the winning numbers on them which represent a prize of Grove Bucks to be used in our participating merchants stores. This painting has been disruptive to the gallery to say the least, however, new people who have never been in our gallery have come with their children, friends bring friends and new friendships are forged.
One of our regular visitors to the Windisch-Hunt Gallery is Rafael Manresa, who works close by as an art director in an ad agency, on his lunch hour he comes in several times a week. He watches the progress of our resident artist Fred Hunt. I certainly appreciate his quiet demeanor as he stands behind Fred and watches him paint. It's wonderful to see how he appreciates our master at work. Rafael E. Manresa and Fred Hunt at his easle
Fred Hunt is modest and hates the idea of being called Miami Master but he did earn this title some years ago when the city thought he was about to die. He and Purvis Young share the same honor given on the same day, to each, for the exact same reason. Right now both are surviving by doing what they love best ART. The city of Miami recognized these two artists as bringing something of value to Miami. Each are natives sons and have a life time of work to show for their diligence.


Anonymous Debra Cortese said...

Nice to see Rafael and Fred in this photo! Wondering where we might see some of Rafael's stunning photography on display in the near future?

6/24/09, 10:29 PM  

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