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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sept. 19, 2009 Hasti, Intern

Uta and Hasti packaging up Muy Caliente
One thing on today's schedule was to clean out the jewelry display. Uta and I were scheduled to come in for several hours to gently handle this task. Jewelry made by different designers, in all shapes and sizes. Glass, copper, ribbons, silver, you name it. These pieces have been out on display since the Convergence show two months ago. Well now it was time to clean the case out. The idea was to separate them by designer, put them back in their original boxes in which they came in and send them back. The problem now was that there were 12 small boxes total, for 11 artists who have a average of 5 pieces each. I later was told that all of the boxes for the individual pieces were placed in a crate that was moved to the hotel where the jewelry auction was held. So it seems like the boxes never made it back to the gallery. Now we're waiting for new boxes to come is so that we can have these items returned to their owners. Beside the box episode it has been quite the eventful morning here at the Gallery. We had a visit from two ladies who were looking for something to bring back home with them to Virginia. We all know how tricky that can be, airports and all. Though, our most interesting drop by would have to be the gentleman with the bird on his shoulder. My bird knowledge is limited, it was some kind of small tropical parrot looking creature with a pale face and beady eyes. Other than that he was very lime green and squeaky. Very interesting. I had a feeling he would take off from the shoulder at some point, but he did not. Oh and Annamaria showed me how to turn on the gallery lights and the huge fan this morning, I was not surprised that there's quite a machinery back there with a whole bunch of buttons, It is in fact quite a big gallery we're in.. Well enjoy this beautiful Saturday in Coconut Grove, and always feel welcome to visit us here at the Gallery.


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