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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What we make today

A big day, today. Every body does what he can.
Fred with concentration try to ignore every body who are teeming around him, to do his work and wants to make believe to us that he hears nothing... but we understood his game.
AnnaMaria does her best to make some cleaning, put some photography on the wall, and rearranging art work.
Chrystele makes an inventory and try to make some cleaning with AnnaMaria. And she does her best on the blog.
Let me introduce myself : My name is Chrystele Moulun, I'm from Paris, I work on a gallery, the gallery Pixi. I have worked for two weeks all ready with AnnaMaria. I'm feeling good on this gallery. And I'm studying on a Business School.Chrystele Moulun
"Un grand jour aujourd'hui. Tout le monde fait qu'il peut. Hasti travaille sur la lettre d'information, nous annonçons ce qui se passe pendant le mois en octobre, vous la recevrez d'ici quelques jours. AnnaMaria fait tout son possible pour faire un peu de nettoyage, mettre des photographies sur le mur, des hommes portant une robe de mariée.
Chrystele fait un inventaire et un peu de nettoyage avec AnnaMaria. Et fait tout son possible sur le blog.
Et Fred avec concentration essaie de nous ignorer alors que nous fourmillons autour de lui, pour faire son travail. Il veut nous faire croire qu'il n'entend rien ... mais nous avons compris son petit jeu."

A week has gone by here at the Windisch-Hunt Gallery. My first week at a art gallery. It has not been anything like I have imagined it to be, what exacly it was I had imagined I frankly don't know. But it has been different. I never would have guessed that this place would bring such calm. The atmosphere is so easy and light, pleasant to almost a meditating effect. Maybe it's only me, but I sure do enjoy it and try to inhale every inch of it.
So what have I done in this passed week? I have written my first press-release. I have updated and modified our contact list of artists, writers, poets, enthusiasts and all other people who share our love for creation. This so that we can communicate with the Gallery's friends on a more effective level.
I have also worn a wedding dress for the first time in my life, at The Wedding dress opening night. Although my own wedding was last year.. it was quite the experience :)
I have also seen many of the most colorful and expressive people, who will just drop by to chat or admire the work on our walls.
I have definitely seen another face of the Coconut Grove community, and it has been quite uplifting to see how so many people share the joy of art and culture in a city that might not be know for a traditional art-life.
Annamaria requested a little introduction of myself. Well to make a long story short, I'm a 25 year old Persian born Swede who moved to the US in 2008 to be with my very charming husband (I know you're reading Michael).
I have a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Stockholm, with a focus on Advertising and Graphic Design. My future goal is to be rocking the production department of a big ad agency, but until that time I want to learn as much as possible from Annamaria and Fred, as art and creativity is a great part of my life. On my free time I illustrate and recently I've also started taking jewelry making classes. Not beeding, we're talking sodering here!
Well, it has, to say the least, been a very eventful and different week for me here at the Gallery. And I am very curious to see what the next will bring.


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