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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Wedding Dress opening came off without a hitch

The invitations went out and Ray Neubert's art arrived at the gallery. Four 3-D artists were invited to participate in the"The Wedding Dress" Exhibition. Christel Moulun, my new intern from Paris with a limited knowledge of our language, was assisting and at one point she said,
" We also having an exhibition of Wedding Dress at Galery PIXI this moment." I mention this here, as most concepts in art have been done. There is energy out in the universe and it moves. Artist who worry about having their ideas stolen or copied should maintain a high integrity in their work and nurture those fabulous ideas. Here you see 5 artists' rendition on "The Wedding Dress".
This is Regina McFall's Glacier dress. It was inspired by her visit to Norway just this summer. It came accessorized by the famous Blue Heart of Titanic fame. On the music stand is a photo of the glacier. She did not create this for this exhibition. The urge to create came from when she saw the glacier. It was pure inspiration! This is what ART is about!!!Elcira Chomat Morals created this dress, titled, "I Do, I Do". All these natural fibers used in this artwork have a personal meaning that is relating to her marriage and culture. This work has traveled to other exhibitions and just returned from Pueblo, New Mexico.
This is M.A. Maruchi Carmona's "The Wedding Grown" created entirely out of used coffee filters. It is made to resemble the iconic "Bata Cubana" which Celia Cruz made famous around the world. Each of these dresses are so unique.
The fourth interpretation by Artist Jane Tinney, is seen in our window. See the last post below for viewing.
On a note of creativity, Windisch-Hunt Fine Art looks for works that are new. Andy Warhol is Andy Warhol. When someone presents work to me like Andy Warhol, why would I want to exhibit it. Warhol did it so well that imitation, in this case, is not flattery. So, having found Raymond Neubert, I found a new voice. His presentation of "The Wedding Dress" stands alone.

At Le boudoire de Marie-Victoire Poliakoff presented this collaboration of Kate Daudy and Grant White. The gown is embroidered and the words are based on poetry. We share this image with permission by Marie-Victoire Poliakoff of Galerie Pixi, Paris


Anonymous wedding said...

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9/8/09, 6:39 AM  

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