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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am being Followed

Social networking is something new for me. I've attended networkers via Chamber of Commerce, workshops and breakfast functions but never quite with the intent to be social. It was always business. This new social media is making networking a more genial experience. Somewhere I heard that what took a year to accomplish the old fashion way now takes only about two hours.
Recently I had the pleasure of receiving 3 invitations to the same event from 3 different sources. The one I responded to was "thank you party for POW WOW volunteers". Now that was some event and I met so many people and to see them all again would be fun.
"Windisch-Hunt?" I looked not sure I heard correctly "Windisch-Hunt?" she said once more as I also read her lips and I responded questioningly Yes? she said "I follow you". I think I must have had a very surprised look on my face. I, AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt aka oneearsociety have a follower, this was one of my most exciting moments in quite a time. I am being followed, my blog posts have meaning. Oh my goodness. There is a face out there that I can direct my art insights too. I requested the first photographer to please take our photo so I can share it with everyone. Now that I have a face to address. (that photo did not work out)
Sylvia Quinn of the Mutiny Hotel, Coconut Grove
We exchanged cards and this morning I asked via Facebook if she was attending this social media networker this afternoon. She called, we are actually only a few buildings apart. She brought with her a treat and we, She, I and Fred Hunt sat down to Tea Time and exhchanged community news and what all had transpired in the past few month and the state of the affairs.
Thank You Sylvia for the treat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're very welcome, Anna Maria! A tour of the gallery was very much overdue, and this was a wonderful way to get to know the person behind the One Ear Society blog.

8/12/09, 8:35 AM  

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