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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Miami Heart Gallery in Coconut Grove

Another class act.
Last night Miami Heart Gallery had their opening in the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery. Once again they brought out the best in people, those who support the efforts of theThe Children's Trust
Our gallery has turned out to be a very good venue for them. We are not in a warehouse district, neither downtown, which is empties out in the evening nor at the Airport where people rush to catch the next flight out. Here in Coconut Grove we are the original community that established Miami. This historic walking district is surrounded by homes which translates to longevity, sense of values, and careing for our community which we are invested in. The result, a wonderful ratio of children, found stability with adoptive families last year. This is their second year that we have made space for their exhibit once again in hope to do our share for this valient effort and find homes for this years poster children. in the foster care system. We sincerely hope that they succeed as they did last year.


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