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Monday, August 10, 2009

We are listening Alyson

Always good to see friends
"Being around other artists builds your confidence and sustains you emotionally. In addition, you will hear about opportunities you never knew existed if you hadn't been a part of a group. introduced to new art products and materials: and receive business advice in many areas ...............Most importantly, with the right organization, you'll make contacts that lead to the next step on your career path. As you are learning, contacts play a seminal role in your success." by Alyson Stanfield of "I'd Rather be in the Studio"

What a great segue to our monthly "Breakfast with the Artist"©
1. Mano, mix/media 2. Valentina Ramos, graphics, 3 AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt galleriest, 5 Cuqui Bernstein Mano's Rep. 5. 6. Liz Gibson mixed media, 7. Ileana Holman 8.Giuseppee aka Joe Moniques other half 9.Monique Lassooij, oil , 10 Audrey Scott, photographer/painter 11. UTA environmental art, 12. Linda Apriletti, 13. Karen Deilke watercolor 14. Jerry Wade poet, 15 Dylan Terry oil/acrylic.
The Artist Featured this month Monique Lassooij was introduced to us via Linda Apriletti who is an exhibiting artist at the Windisch=Hunt Fine Art Gallery which initiated this monthly get together, as a win-win situation for the Bistro, the Artist and the Gallery. Focaccia Rustica is a wonderful small bistro in the heart of Coconut Grove, walking distance to the gallery. It has a good clientele and in this way we bring together artists, loyal friends and people interested in our featured artists.
Monique took figure drawing classes along with Linda and came  to support her friend, Linda our then featured artist, showcasing her smaller en plein air work.

 Now it has come full circle. Moniques's work title "Fresh from the Fridge" is the current exhibition for the month of August. What is cool about being part of such a lively group, is it brings together the artists who find themselves in their studio working. They have the opportunity to chat with other artist about the the subject most dear to them and the person sitting next to them completely understands. This type of collaboration is now being looked at by several arts organization including the Adrian Arsch a performance art venues on a much larger scale.A quick trip to the galleryto see whats new by Cuqui


Anonymous Debra said...

Sorry I missed this very special Breakfast with The Artists ;-(

8/10/09, 5:49 PM  
Blogger mwaky said...

i like the painted pic

8/22/09, 7:22 PM  

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