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Friday, September 4, 2009

Sept. 4, 2009

Sometimes it's hard to concentrate when issues (not in a nice sense) loom. Miami is still in the 90's and no let up in sight. Labor Day just days away. Art opening tomorrow night.
This week has been long. Above you see photos of just a few of the helpers who appeared when I needed them most or just when I needed that bit of boost of moral support. One person would come for just a few hours then leave and pass the next one arriving to help.
Writing this late on Friday night sitting alone in the dark gallery hearing the voices of the revelers outside. I've been remiss . Last night we had over 80 some young enthusiastic bed racers in for a pre race briefing.
Just finished sending out invitations which were late. I combined them with the Labor Day weekend events and a little bit of what was to be our Windisch-Hunt Fine Art newsletter. I finally opened up my e mail, found the top images, I knew it was time to share. After all I am being followed :)
Top left is Linda Apriletti, to the right is our new intern from the Pixi Gallery, Paris. Chrystele Moulun, enjoying a brief moment in an antique wedding gown. Center is our Miami Master and resident artist Fred Hunt. Yes he is no diva and knows when I need him. To the right of him is our newest member in the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery Kathey Penner who did the photo collage. On the bottom is Chrystele again with Audrey Scott putting together our new gift shop. Missing are all the well wishers who boosted my moral.
We have a new neighbor "Grove House Artists" they found a new home right around the corner from us and are re opening after a brief hiatus. We are so happy to have them. The signs are good for the Grove . Peter Max is also moving into Coconut Grove and will have his own gallery less than two min. from ours. Once upon a time Coconut Grove had 17 viable art galleries.
Our feature artist is Raymond Neubert whom I met at the "unkown project" call for artist. I was there looking for talent and he stood out. He made it to the second tier of this show casting but not as far as N.Y. Those are the breaks.
Again fortunate for me, was able to book him into our gallery and put together a very unique exhibition/installation curated by Mona Mandal. I put this in as someone today asked how did I come up with this concept. Well, it is not new. Out there in the universe are flows of energy and thoughts intersect. One such occurance, our new Intern not knowing English all that well, saw the sculpture installation arrive. We have four 3 d works of art which support the mixed media
work of Ray Neubert. Chrystele mentioned that her gallery in Paris is currently having a show of Wedding Dress. She opened her lap top and pulled out these fab photos of one of a kind costumes which so appealed to me as a calligrapher. I have written for permission from the artist to use image. Waiting to hear. We did get permission from Gallery Pixi "le boudoire de Marie Victoire Poliakoff" the owner to use one and forge an affiliation with Gallerie Pixi.
So tomorrow you will see the opening and shall try to present them as a wedding album meanwhile I'm looking at the Greenstreet Cafee Racing Bed hidden in our gallery LOL.


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