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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

already Wednesday?

Within a few days I will loose Chrystele, my other intern Hasti was shanghaied. She became the graphic designer for the wedding lady! We were approached several days ago about renting out part of our gallery but that was NO. I'm a free spirit and think out of the box, out of necessity most of the time. So, we have the "Wedding Dress" exhibit and she the wedding lady is selling wedding dresses not a far reach or is it? So all of a sudden I'm in the middle of planning a small bridal show. Showcasing hotels, beautyshops and Grove business, I'm being civic minded.

Hasti did a wonderful job of putting this flier/invite together. Did I want her to spend ALL her time on this today? What is done is done and done well. Meanwhile I took Chrystele with me and introduced her to artist Neith Nevelson granddaughter of Louise Nevelson. We ended making a few stops and getting lunch. I inadvertently ran into an ongoing meeting getting coffee of which I am on the board , so I stayed and brought back cold coffee. I have no recall of Tuesday .


Blogger Jorge Reyes said...

Can you tell us more about your meeting with Neith Nevelson?

10/8/09, 4:00 PM  

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