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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stolen Haitina Art

Absconding with art maybe considered a white collar crime but in Haiti its gruesome. The last heist I heard about, took place in 1997 and involved highly collectible artists. Each with very distinct style that even after less than a one week study, you too would recognize the works of such greats as Lyonel Laurenceau, Castera Bazile, Sejourne Bernard, Philome Obin, Jacques Gabriel.
I have the privilege of having these artists in the gallery and am enjoying them thoroughly. I still can't pronounce their names correctly. The interest in this art is minimal most of the people coming in already have one of these artists and are using our prices as a benchmark for their valued procession. These works are the foundation of Haitian art. Last exhibited at the Bass Museum 10 years ago. Since that time Haitian painting has become and industry. The work which is seen and sold on the streets now, can be had at garage sales or at the antique market next door (they have one for $45) That is not what this Haitian art is at the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art in Coconut Grove. Art stolen! Reward upon recovery I just tweeted this information as I'm being followed by several major museums. It is with hope that they can also assist in recovery.
The 9 works of art are by well known Haitian artists. This was published in the Le Nouveliste newspaper and one painting was immediately recovered, a piece by RoseMarie Desruisseau .
It has been acquired by a friend of Georges S. Nader
. upon finding out where it came from he called Georges immediately and returned the painting with much apology. Georges did offer to pay for the inconvenience and never mentioned the name. The purchaser and his entire family was threatened with death if he revealed the source. Obin's very distinct signature on bottom right.
for the average art lover this is the most recognized signature of Obin. For those in the know the painting may not have been done by him but signed by him. The Obin family is extensive and they all paint.


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