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Friday, October 23, 2009

Haitian Art Opening

Our Dear Diary Wall

Come to the gallery how ever you are. We do not stand on formality. I love this photo because it shows Miami. There are many areas with distinct personality. Coconut Grove where we are embraces all. Too hot out, wearing shorts is fine. Just sailed into town? We love docksiders, we are right on the water. Just come from the opera? Formal wear always right. Just make sure you are wearing some kind of clothing to cover the naughty bits.
Georges S. Nader and Charles Ames discussing in Creole the finer points of Haitian art collecting. Tonight's event was lightly attended as we were up against the season premier of the Miami City Ballet. The after dinner crowd arrived around 10:30 pm so we remained opened till midnight. Bernard Sejourne's painting in center of photo.
Monica Craun, performance artist, getting pointers from Georges S. Nader about Haiti's drink of choice 7 star Rhum Barbancourt which was served at tonights' opening. Also check out the Coconut Grove Grapevine.


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