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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My life in pictures part 4 of 5

What else do we squeeze in. Visit to another artists opening here Deborah Weed and friends hold court at the Mutiny Hotel. Congratulations.

A Life in art? That is what I choose. En route from getting art supplies we were going to pick up food. This year it seemd like Oktober Fest would just happen with out us. A quick stop, once there, the musik , die gemutlichkite, we stayed only a half hour, ate, one dance, back to the gallery.

This painting is coming along, it grew out of two other paintings. The 16 x 20 was reviewed favorably. It demanded to be larger and more developed and as the larger one was being painted, this little group of characters, made themselves known. " We want to be noticed,what about us" so they said to our artist Fred Hunt. Here they are no longer hidden in the other painting demanding his attention. For those who always wonder how a painting is created.
Well this is one way the muse spoke through them.

Word is out we have Haitian art at the Windisch-Hunt Fine art gallery and Gwinette has a fine collection of her own. Possible she will find something she doesn't already have or purchase a work that will compliment what she does have.

En plein air workshop with Erik Speyer "2 brushes 3 colors" maybe four colors.? He donated his fee to the Barnacle Historic Park located right here in Coconut Grove 5 min walk from the gallery. This seems incongruous, as we are a cosmopolitan Miami.


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